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Warranty policy

 Equipment - Part(s) Warranty Policy

At, our unwavering commitment is to deliver top-notch HVAC equipment and parts to our esteemed customers. This Equipment/Part(s) Warranty policy is designed to provide you with crucial insights into warranty coverage, installation prerequisites, and the procedures for making warranty claims.

1. Professional Installation by Licensed Technicians

1.1 Installation and Inspection: It is of paramount importance to guarantee that your HVAC equipment or parts undergo professional installation and meticulous inspection. This encompasses the initial startup and installation phase. The adept handling by a qualified technician is indispensable for ensuring the correct operation and long-lasting performance of your equipment.

1.2 Documentation of Installation: It is essential that a licensed contractor conducts the installation of equipment procured from Your contractor should furnish comprehensive documentation of the installation, including pertinent serial and model numbers, on their official company receipt. This documentation serves as a vital component when initiating warranty claims.

2. Manufacturer's Warranty Registration

2.1 Product Registrations: Certain manufacturers necessitate product registrations to be completed within a designated timeframe, typically falling within 30 to 60 days after installation. This registration holds utmost significance for warranty validation, ensuring the comprehensive coverage of your warranty. You can obtain additional details regarding registration prerequisites either from the product documentation accompanying your purchase or by visiting the manufacturer's official website.

2.2 Warranty Validation: The validation of your warranty is contingent solely upon compliance with the manufacturer's stipulations specific to the purchased product. It is incumbent upon the purchaser to diligently adhere to these requirements to preserve the integrity of the warranty coverage.

3. Streamlined Warranty Claim Process

3.1 Handled by We assume the responsibility for expediting the warranty claims process with the manufacturer on your behalf. Our primary objective is to furnish you with an efficient channel for managing warranty claims.

3.2 Documentation Prerequisite: Please note that reserves the right to withhold approval of any warranty claim concerning parts or repairs if the requisite documentation, including evidence of professional installation and manufacturer registration, is not furnished at the time the claim is submitted.

4. Labor Warranties and Compensation

4.1 Labor Warranties: It is important to be aware that we do not provide labor warranties or compensation of any nature to cover expenses incurred by consumers in the event of part malfunctions purchased through our platform. Labor costs attributed to installation, repair, or replacement of parts remain the responsibility of the purchaser.

5. Warranty Coverage for Parts

5.1 Manufacturer's Warranty: In situations where parts exhibit issues immediately upon installation, our obligation is limited to providing manufacturer-warranted part(s). We do not extend warranties beyond the manufacturer's stipulations pertaining to such parts.

At, we are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. We strongly encourage you to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty that pertain to your purchased products. Should you have inquiries or necessitate guidance with regards to warranty claims, please do not hesitate to reach out to our responsive customer support team at or call +1(816) 507-3205. We are readily available to assist you and to facilitate a seamless warranty experience.

By electing to procure products from, you acknowledge that you have perused, comprehended, and assented to the terms outlined in our Equipment/Part Warranty Policy. Your trust in our services and products is greatly appreciated, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellence in HVAC equipment and parts.